great test work

great test work creates joy and fulfilment


just like any great artist paints great paintings

great composers create great music

a great chef cooks great food

great testers find great information (bugs) , for better products which enable customers to accomplish/achieve what they want,to fulfill their needs , to deliver joy to them. ( try to read in a non cheesy way).

anything other than that is secondary

2 thoughts on “great test work

  1. “Oh My God! Sunjeet starts blogging!” was my first reaction. I am falling short of words to say anything right now.

    Very very glad that you started blogging. Looking forward to learning from you.

    Parimala Shankaraiah

    1. Thanks for your kind words Parimala

      infact Im still rather too surprised my self , about starting a blog 🙂

      anyways here I am hope I could learn from other bloggers like you and hopefully can contribute back to the testing community as well .


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