Inspired and Ordinary testing

Testing is a lot about being inspired.

Where in a tester is inspired to explore , inspired to crack it , inspired to try again and again , inspired to make a difference to customers .

These qualities are precious and difficult to instill or create .

Ordinary testing is just showing up and pressing buttons and expecting that bugs would be hit .

Ordinary bugs reflect ordinary testing , just by reading a bug report or pattern of bug reports you would come to know that ordinary testing is being performed.

Just raising a bug is ordinary testing ,doing inspired testing is not that.

Inspired testing is some or all of these  ::

inspiration to characterize the bug , find the root cause , find a pattern to reproduce , find a work around , advocate the impact of the bug on customers and find more bugs!

If you are inspired enough , just do not be a bug finder , be an inspired bug finder .

It would only happen if you yourself are convinced , fired up and give a hoot to whats going to happen to folks who would use your product

Only then you would make an impact .

Do not sit on the fence, do not let the fear of going overboard or  being snubbed hold you back . Do not let people tell you that this is not what testers do .

be Inspired , be Brave ….

you would not lose if you do not play , but you definitely would never win .

P.S. :: This applies to all aspect of software testing and not just bug detection !

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