the reluctant tester

Perpetual learner of the craft of Software Testing,Servant Leadership and creating better Teams


A key driver at work is the satisfaction that you get ,when you see your actions adding value to the project.

Think about the difference in levels of satisfaction while ::

Investigating & characterizing a complex bug vs attending a meeting

Writing and executing an automated script to reproduce a problem vs filing up a template

Providing a co-worker or developer test information vs providing formal status reports

taking a judgmental call vs blindly being compliant

test execution with no questions vs questioning the test execution

empowerment vs control

satisfaction vs going through the motions

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About Me

I’m Sunjeet Khokhar

An experienced People Leader,Practice Lead  and Test Manager .

I am driven by the success of people around me, am a keen student of organisational behaviour and firmly believe that we can be better craftspeople by being better humans first.

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