When faced with a customer issue

What do we do ?

what usually happens in my team is —

1. has it really happened ?

2.is it really what they think it is ?

3.do we need to fix it ?

4.can we make it happen here?

5.fix it !

6. test it

7. they test it

8. all quiet ?

9.now think — why did it happen ? how can we avoid it in the future? if we can not avoid it,whats the next best we can do?

And there could be several variants of the above points , what do you practice ?

2 thoughts on “When faced with a customer issue

  1. 1. First thing that we do is try to reproduce it in test environment with whatever information that we have.
    2. If unable to reproduce it, request support for more information and then try again.
    3. If still not able to reproduce and the is happening in customers environment only, we’ll arrange for a conf call with the customer’s IT staff and work on it with there help.
    4. Once the issue is identified, its fixed by development team.
    5. Write a test case for this issue and add it the relevant set.
    6. Verify the fix and roll it out to production.

    1. Thanks for your comments.

      Useful thoughts.

      One question, in your organization , at what point and who does take a call whether to even consider this customer issue for investigation(/fixing) or not ?

      something like point 3 that I mentioned in my post …

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