leadership -2

Working with poor leaders has taught me several things

1.It a massively about situational awareness – you have your eyes on the ball,can envisage & resolve risks early,the less of “awakening from your slumber” situations you have the more efficient you are as a leader

2.You need to have genuine & intense passion about testing the product.Even if you dont have expert knowledge but you have passion to test,it rubs off on the team

3.You need to have a strong spine.Dont be adamant but have the guts to put the point across honestly & assertively



6. Stick to your decision

7.Admit that you have made a mistake

8. Prioritize and take risks in seemingly unachievable situations.

9.Test along with the people that you lead.

10.A team full of leaders is a leading team

One thought on “leadership -2

  1. I am really obsessed about this topic and can go hours talking about this.
    My experience with both bad and worse managers has taught me. (Its human psychology to remember bad things for longer duration than the good ones.)
    1. A true leader trusts his team in true sense (pardon me if I have said this thousand times earlier)
    2. He understand the strengths and weaknesses of each and everyone in the team.
    3. He is not just obsessed with the “when I was a tester I was not like you….. blah blah blah”
    4. Not just listens but shows some guts to change.
    5. Grooms the next gen leaders.
    6. Not obsessed with facts and figures only for top brass(fabricated ones).
    7. Knows no bias or politics.
    8. No games – You are right buttt…………………………..
    9. Has some human side left and understands personal side of his team.
    10. Appreciates at the right time.
    11. Let the team take decisions but guide.
    12. Takes responsibility.

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