What you find in the quagmire…

It goes without saying that ‘All the president’s men’ is an excellent movie,probably the best on investigative journalism.

I am often peeved by that fact that how quality journalism can turn into tabloid sensationalism just by the quality of reporting,similar is the role which testing plays in software.

This blog entry is not about the above,it is about the number of parallel I could draw(and I love drawing them) between some dialogs,incidents in the movie and software testing

Here are a few

Why are we doing this story?  == “What is the test mission?”

Where is the story in this? == Business context

Is it a relevant question? == Test your tests

change questions when not getting answers == Tests evolve,Tests change

should we start again? == Defocus

when do we stop? == Done??

care for support ? == smart testers matter not smart tools

notes taking == lots of notes taking

smart questions elicit useful information == so,do smart test which are asked by smart testers

Expose  == risk plays an important role towards achievement of correct decision making.Expose  risks

you can’t do the reporting for your reporters == trust your testers

he reports in his own style == team work is about adjusting to each other’s style of work,as long as the mission is in everybody’s sight & mind

reporters matter == testers matter 😉

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