work and job….

job is a mean(s) to make the ends meet

work let your viscera ease.

job is a door(which you have to enter & exit without fail each weekday) with no walls

work is sans a door

job feeds on insecurity,threats,greed,ego,glassy pride

work devours enthusiasm

job teaches you to fish

work teaches you to catch one for the tank

job ends with itself

work bluffs age

job seeks direction

work glitters it

job leads to callouts

work calls out to lead

job tames

work is unbridled

job is bells & whistles

work is gong

job is naked,easy to spot,smoothly attracts the lecherous eye

work is subtle,devoid of lust & prejudice

job is so Judy Dench

work is so Jane Austen

work is love…

roll up….

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