The last match stick

Life is about discovering

You dement yourself by faking

that you just want a shilling

that,thats all you need

you stumble upon a tenner

while trying to satiate your insecurities,discover that it is a fake

you curse yourself & endeavor to wipe your ass with it

just then you discover

you discover an idea,to trade it

you discover the most desperatly demented man

you buy his item

his last match stick

the last one,which lights the soggy tunnel of his sanity

you sell what you procured

for a geniune tenner

you dont discover anything (just) now

actually, somebody bought your last matchstick…..

2 thoughts on “The last match stick

  1. Since your first writing you’ve come a long way. You growing by leaps and bounds with your each writeup, this one’s really nice. Love to comeback here for more stuff.

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