the reluctant tester

Perpetual learner of the craft of Software Testing,Servant Leadership and creating better Teams

I do not want to be,in the zone

Comfort zone, geometrically,could well be a hole

one from which you get smoked out,sooner or later

you have to be smoked out because you dont sniff the initial fumes of imbalance

it is as good as a bath that you wont come out ,because it is too cold outside

it is as good as indulgence,until it morphs into depravity

it is as good as a routine,until it turns into clockwork

it is as good as a balloon,rapidly defecating air

it lets you take things for granted

things which were granted,to you,one time,after much pleading

dont let the zone comfort you

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I’m Sunjeet Khokhar

An experienced People Leader,Practice Lead  and Test Manager .

I am driven by the success of people around me, am a keen student of organisational behaviour and firmly believe that we can be better craftspeople by being better humans first.

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