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Fortune favors the brave ?

Not that I don’t revile the stench

Neither do I ignore the vultures hanging low


Not that I don’t get coaxed by my pock marked bag

Neither do I miss the summary squalor, under my bare soles


Not that my senses are oblivious to my presence here

Neither am I ignorant of what aids my travel to here


Not that the snorts from the foils are for pleasure

Neither are the shivers from the Delhi cold considered adventure


Not that the envy, for people taking detours ,is trivial to ignore

Neither are ,the regular visits by the extortionist


Not that the clamor for metal is easy to muffle

Neither is the excitement of discovery difficult to quell


But still, I wear an impression of bewilderment

What should be clockwork ,is such a rush?

You might stop by and ask, why?


Because,In spite of nothing of desire here

We get hired here


Here, in this miserable adobe…..

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