The jaded king

The glorious king sat hung low

The victorious king sat hung low

With all his brain & brawn,it was hard to imagine what was wrong

The wise adwiser,sensed what was wrong and whispered

About the legendary jade

The jade only found raw

The jade only found far

The jade which only could end the war

The king leapt into motion,along with his adwiser

Both dressed up as common misers

They knew it were hinterlands that they needed to reach

But their hopes stood crushed

Because they reached a barrier they could not breach

It was the muddy & mighty river Bleak

The adwiser (being generously paid) had to find a way

And he found a raft to touch the bank on the other side

There the king was welcomed to an amazing sight

Young ones dressed as kings,learning to fly

Seeing this the king yelped,”Jadereka!”

“I have found my jade”

Negated the adwiser,but the King ploughed on,abducted by exictement

He ignored the adwiser for once(inspite of how much was he paid)

and never looked back for another chance

He stayed back to trial flying

While the adwiser crossed the Bleak,to become the new jade(d) king…..

Inspired by – Bird People in China

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