the reluctant tester

Perpetual learner of the craft of Software Testing,Servant Leadership and creating better Teams

your various presence

You cant always lead from the front

You should not,you dont have to

switch !

rapidly,you have to

sometimes,lead from the sides

ring fencing,minimising disruptions,setting up support structure for them to succeed

sometimes,lead from the back…..

coaching,awarding,rewarding,managing spotlights,watching them fail

sometimes,lead from the top…..

assessing performance,enhancing diversity,establishing rituals,debunking perceptions,crystallising their mind set

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About Me

I’m Sunjeet Khokhar

An experienced People Leader,Practice Lead  and Test Manager .

I am driven by the success of people around me, am a keen student of organisational behaviour and firmly believe that we can be better craftspeople by being better humans first.

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