A quick note on indecision making

huddle the maximum allowed bureaucracy in the room

smattering of giant egoists & the types that feel threatened from anything apart from the normal

wheel in a feeble but budding & well intentioned new idea

pound it with polished & well articulated pseudo-intellectual ridicule & cynicism

(actually masking internal ego,insecurity & urge for turf control)

check if the feeble but budding & well intentioned new idea is still alive ?

yes ? continue pounding till nipped in bud ?

once confirmed …..ring the bell and usher in status quo

it has a different attire today and also masks it’s familiar old stench

talk up the status quo lobby , let them knit the wool of the warmth & reassurance of the normal.

like it ?

settle in …. feel cosy .

have an indecision




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