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the Bath


I take them pills


of those before I bathe

I wash them down with vodka

I have always taken a bath before bed,

as far as I remember

I have to let you know that I only remember as far as the last pills

The bath is at the end,

of the hallway

Dimly lit it is

intentional,by design it is

Only a yellow feeble bulb serves it

hanging by the chord

I pull it

It is hazy

Like those corny drinking places

The haze surrounds me

It has settled on the walls

It perches on the rose window

Its layers the mirrors

I take a dip

settle in

There are doodles drawn on the haze,

on the mirror

I study them

It soothes me

The hot water


the pills (with vodka that i used to wash them down),

i’m not sure

but i feel at home in my bath

I continue studying the doodles


Image via Tumblr

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