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Ajmer Sharif



mein Moin de rasta,usdi waat,usdi awaaz pehchaan dee si

oh khetaan which buldaan naalon waadh hungaa laaunda reha

tarke to shaam

tarke to shaam


osda deedar hoya

mein keha , “mein roti leaaye haan tere khattir”

“murg makhan which taleyaa”

“saag haandi aala”

“te mere niaare hatthan de naan”

parr us ne ik wee niwaala chakkhnaa taan ki,

mere wal dekheyaa wee nai ,

bas Ali de taak which Makke kani us deeyan akhaan giraftaar sigiyaan

usde bullan te bhukkh de nishaan nai , Ali daa raag siga

te mere bullan te Moin da


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