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A race or a quest



yes i have it too ,infact i suffer from it

it is not, rather , of the next car upgrade , the private school that my kids need to go to , the accolade that i must win, the places that i must visit

it is not about how far am i in the race

it is rather about what is yet to be discovered in this quest

the quest

to learn from mistakes and the audacity to make another one

the quest

to reflect at the end of the day (when there is nothing to do anymore till the next ) and discover what new(good or bad) did I do today ? (There always is something)

the quest

to express gratitude towards whatever I got to do , today

the quest

to make things better , for the folks around me, folks directly or indirectly connected to me.

knowing that

the quest will carry on,


and I need to be making mistakes,reflecting and expressing gratitude

and making things better


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One response to “A race or a quest”

  1. Allow me to be judgmental. It is a race, carefully disguised in quest. Answer lies in asking a question – How long I remained happy when last time I bought a bigger car? Was it for me or it had any impact on my kids, family, society, environment?

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