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A metric for the new year :: “Managing the boss” time

Does any organisation track this metric ?

Most likely not , primarily because we have almost given up on this being a norm.

As something that comes as part of being in the political cesspool of corporate organisations

As something that being in management roles brings, the unwritten charter of “getting things done around here”

You can not come wearing a Samurai armour to a Turkish bath……cry the conformists

But this mode of ,upwards management as a default, must be decried

In 2017 start tracking the time spent just on managing your boss.

On massaging their ego,

On working through their constant cynicism,

On feeding their biases to get the just outcome

On helping them cross the line

Now put that time against the time not spent

On making Team processes betters

On improving working conditions in the factory

On enhancing customer experience by paying off technical debt

On self-reflection and spiritual replenishment

How do we change this ?

Bosses must,

Start looking for reasons to say Yes more than No,

Start experimenting and embracing failures

Start harnessing their vulnerability instead of being ashamed of it (

Start seeking integrity feedback ( Ratio of …number of times your Team believes that you took a decision aligned with your touted values Vs. number of times you believe that you took a decision aligned with your touted values)

Start realizing that coaching does not necessarily have to come from someone more experienced and senior to you.
You must,

Stop feeding the monster, you are part responsible for making your boss a better leader ,take that oppurtunity

Stop reconciling that this is the only way to grow in this organisation

Stop having a parallel value system just to manage your relationship with your boss  (you are rendering the relationship flimsy rather than robust)

Stop not tracking this metric and stop not showing the ill-affects of managing your Boss to your Boss

The corporate world will be a better place, if we start and let be coached upwards rather than be managed upwards

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