Sharing our Test practice charter , the North Star for our internal community

One of the “hats” that I wear internally at my current company is the role of a Test Service Lead . The main responsibility of this role is to serve the practice and ensure that the internal Test Practice ( we are a consultancy and dont have  fixed Teams) gels together and flourishes as a community.

The first thing that I proposed we do , when I took up the role , was to have a Team charter . A constitution so to speak that guides the community on the values that we are operate on , the behaviors that we encourage and the outcomes that we are aspiring to achieve.

We had couple of our senior Agile consultants facilitate the charter forming session and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to scribe it into a diagram.

Please have a view and leave your thoughts, feedback and own experiences on creating/using Team charters in comments below .

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