Real device testing with TestObject,Appium and C#

TestObject , an offering by Sauce Labs provides cloud testing service with real devices.

I recently did a POC with TestObject using C# . The tests were run using NUnit.

Step 1:  Sign up

Sign up for a free TestObject account 

Step 2:  Upload app

Upload the .apk/.ipa file for app under test . I used a free basic notepad Android app

Step 3: Understand which capabilities need to be set 

TestObject have a decent amount of documentation on their website.

There is a Java based example here, that I translated to C# . This example calls out a set a typical capabilities required to call an actual device on the TestObject cloud

Here is the my code :

You will find the API key and details of the capabilities , by clicking the gears icon (under your TestOBject account) –> selecting Appium —> Set up instructions page

The device details will be in the device list under the “Live Testing”link  –

Lastly , the app id can be retrieved from the “Dashboard”link in TestObject

Step 4: Next is to write some NUnit tests to control the app in TestObject

I used this tutorial for guidance ( as I am a novice with NUnit and C# 🙂 )

Wrote couple of simple tests to valid the context of the app and title of the new note window in my sample Notepad application

Step 5: Running the tests in Visual Studio and checking results in TestObject

Kick off the NUnit test in Visual studio and then head over to your TestObject account , click on the gears icon and you would see activity under the list of Appium tests ( hopefully) to reflect your test running

Clicking on the test run link , you can view the Appium logs, Device logs, any screen shots taken and a nice video recording .

The usual Sauce Labs stuff , but on an actual device 🙂

Happy testing !

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