the reluctant tester

Perpetual learner of the craft of Software Testing,Servant Leadership and creating better Teams

There will always be a job for you , if,

Stop sweating over whether <insert latest tech trend> will take your job away, rather focus on getting better @

  1. Learning new tools and practices with curiosity
  2. Putting Team outcomes before individual outcomes
  3. Sharing your knowledge
  4. Improving your facilitation skills
  5. Improving your public speaking
  6. Learning to build persuasive  business cases
  7. Writing code every day
  8. Volunteering in fields other than yours
  9. Finding mentors from fields other than yours
  10. Giving, taking and actioning feedback

Image source – Quora

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I’m Sunjeet Khokhar

An experienced People Leader,Practice Lead  and Test Manager .

I am driven by the success of people around me, am a keen student of organisational behaviour and firmly believe that we can be better craftspeople by being better humans first.

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