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Organisational QA/Testing smells

On the lines of Code smells” , QA/Testing related smells in my experience, fall into these 4 broad categories (of root cause(s))

  1. Apathy – Disregard for Testing as a function/craft
  2. Hubris – Talent or position driven blindspots that lead towards flawed decision making
  3. Ignorance – No one has shown them how to do better or Team members lacking (certain) Testing mindset
  4. Helplessness – Cognitive exhaustion from pushing back against immature SW practices or organisational dysfunction

Compiling a list of verbatim/observational “smells” I have come across in my Testing career so far 🙂 , including some that I myself have been culprit of !

Feel free to add yours in the comments below , thank you

I’m sure some will resonate as stereotypes , hopefully some are new to you? ( hence something you might want to watch out for)

  • Customers wont use it “that” way
  • You are testing too early
  • (corollary) You tested too late
  • Why would you be needed in the design session ?
  • Why would you be needed in the code review ?
  • Why would be be needed in the requirements gathering session ?
  • I challenge you to break it
  • (corollary) No customer has complained so far !
  • Look ( pointing to their IDE) , works
  • Try now <keyboard clatter> ..Try now <keyboard clatter> ……………..Try now <keyboard clatter>
  • Did it just break ?
  • When was it last working ?
  • I did not change anything
  • how do I know what changed?
  • I cant tell you which tests you should write , your job!
  • It’s a big change, we just have do it all in one go
  • How do I see the back end errors ?
  • What does “Unhandled exception , contact your System Administrator” mean ?
  • How do I know if all these errors are related?
  • This keeps happening but I just cant make it happen at will
  • Ok, I cant tell what else is broken ?
  • This aaaaawwlllways breaks
  • We always, must take 3 days to retest everything
  • I am a “manual” Tester
  • (corollary) I am an “automated” Tester
  • Every developer must be experienced in Automated Testing
  • (corollary) Ma..look no Testers needed !
  • (corollary of corollary) <this approach/tech> will replace Testers
  • No, DONT try changing this config file
  • (corollary) why do you need access to the build pipeline ?
  • It will be faster in this release
  • Test it while I document the design
  • (corollary) will document it, only if I have time
  • I will refactor it in one go
  • This was never meant to be in scope
  • Why do we just have 157 test cases for this project?
  • (corollary) We are 100 % PASS
  • (corollary of corollary) We were 100 % but this we are 87 % PASS
  • (corollary of corollary of corollary) If we go down from 75 % we can’t ship
  • This environment is just for development
  • (corollary) It will be “different” in PROD
  • “Don’t worry about integration yet” ( Team 1) ……tududududu… ( 2 weeks from Go Live) … Team 2 – “not one told us about these changes”
  • Must be the database box
  • (corollary) Must be permissions
  • (corollary of corollary) Must be a known issue
  • These are my automated tests , they dont need them in version control
  • (corollary) Test code isnt “production code”
  • (corollary of corollary) Our Team only ships application code
  • This is how Agile is
  • (corollary) This is how Agile Testing is
  • (corollary of corollary) This is how <insert prevalent industry term> Testing is
  • Because, Docker
  • (corollary) Because, <some new tech>

List to be continued…..

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