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Testing is “easy”

Testing is easy, you just have to …..

1. Elicit user needs from missing or no requirements (usually in a single Tester Team)

2. Be great at analytical thinking and detecting your own biases 

3. Analyze and understand end to end architectural risks

4. Analyze and understand end to end business process 

5. Be resilient in the face of “why didnt you catch it ?” probes

6. Be apt at creating effective test data 

7. Excel at communicating technical issues to business folks and vice versa 

8. Be nerdy enough to analyze lots of PROD data to inform your tests 

9. Be informed enough to know which logs to dive into for which errors 

10. Coach peers on effective testing ( vs. just breaking the system) 

11. Constantly look to automate repetitive tasks, reduce Testing related waste

12. Facilitate discussions and manage stakeholder expectations on effort, scope and risks of Testing effort 

13. Report progress on Testing , adapting to the context of the audience, project, company culture and tech stack.

14. Determine what (code/environment/user behavior/test method/dependencies/integration interface/data/cognitive interpretation) changed since last time ?

15. And ,how to quantity that change, to prove that it is faster/slower/better/less useable/non-complaint ?

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  1. […] areas like performance or security. I could name plenty more, but as it happens, I read a blog post that describes in 15 points why testing isn’t easy, which I had to reference in this blog as it deserves a pingback (shout […]

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