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  • Winning

    The most authentic of human pursuit is not victory it is, struggle We touched down on the earth not to conquer it but to survive,fail,evolve,adapt,co-exist and then continue to our fleshly demise it was all going fine until winning came along Continue reading

  • The three

    were friends dwelled together but lived different lives and different deaths The turbulent one,dig up some else’s grave and decorated her tomb with the spoils. She wanders the tombstones for new spoils The peaceful one,dig her own grave,didnt yearn a tomb and gave away her spoils. She mendicants in the living world The intoxicated one,celebrating… Continue reading

  • The 1 rupee note

    School,during lunch hour Every day ,boring home food Depressing dry sandwiches Felt a burden,carrying them in my school bag, Felt a drag,against the sweat whiff of fried “bread pakoras” from the school canteen Until one day My mother went ill ,she couldnt pack lunch She gave me a crisp 1 rupee note, that looked like this… Continue reading

  • Is knowledge power?

    Knowledge isn’t power . Relinquishment of power is knowledge . That stage where there are no pretensions that hold her curosity ransom anymore That stage where there is no one watching and she knows the right thing to do In that state, at that stage, she is in a trance she is powerful Continue reading

  • Is it childhood again ?

    Really ? Yes,feels like it ! The nostalgia of slow time travel has returned Planning , re planning imaginary trips across great lands on the great railway Standing still in wonder,eyes unblinking in a vast gaze, wondering what the great land will hold in it’s clenched fist,the faces that i will see,the conversations that I… Continue reading

  • A race or a quest

      Restlessness yes i have it too ,infact i suffer from it it is not, rather , of the next car upgrade , the private school that my kids need to go to , the accolade that i must win, the places that i must visit it is not about how far am i in the race it is… Continue reading

  • Am I in my senses?

    I closed my eyes and the memories took me to a place that I pined for, wish that place had missed me too I closed my eyes and the fragrance took me to a day of triviality, wish triviality took me seriously too I closed my eyes and the touch took me to a day of pleasure,wish pleasure was obsessed… Continue reading

  • Silent howls

    Last night you awoke me from my lonely slumber You woke me by whispering my name didnt you ? It’s true because i heard you in the wind —————————- image via – Continue reading

  • Moin

        mein Moin de rasta,usdi waat,usdi awaaz pehchaan dee si oh khetaan which buldaan naalon waadh hungaa laaunda reha tarke to shaam tarke to shaam aakhir…. osda deedar hoya mein keha , “mein roti leaaye haan tere khattir” “murg makhan which taleyaa” “saag haandi aala” “te mere niaare hatthan de naan” parr us ne… Continue reading

  • The daily pilgrimage

    For some the ones,who have not found you Everyday,there is a desire to embark on a Hajj to look for you For us the ones,who have not found you too Everyday,it is a celebration to rejoice in the present at not having found you Image source – Robyn Sand Anderson , “Yearning” Continue reading

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I’m Sunjeet Khokhar

An experienced People Leader,Practice Lead  and Test Manager .

I am driven by the success of people around me, am a keen student of organisational behaviour and firmly believe that we can be better craftspeople by being better humans first.

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