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Perpetual learner of the craft of Software Testing,Servant Leadership and creating better Teams


  • Root patterns of organisational silos

    The single most influential factor that dedicates if organisations succeed at their goals, is the ability of their business units/Teams to work together in alignment towards those goals I have learnt that behaviours that bring misalignment, e.g siloed behaviours (defensiveness, back stabbing, closed attitudes towards new ideas ,ambiguity on accountability) are symptoms of something systemic… Continue reading

  • Leader “type”

    You know that you are working with a leader,when they….. are serious about making an impact get stressed but don’t shout acknowledge failure publicly don’t hoard knowledge self deprecate check how you slept when your kid is sick don’t create factual fog to justify their instinctive decisions don’t hog the limelight admit when they don’t… Continue reading

About Me

I’m Sunjeet Khokhar

An experienced People Leader,Practice Lead  and Test Manager .

I am driven by the success of people around me, am a keen student of organisational behaviour and firmly believe that we can be better craftspeople by being better humans first.

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